Friday, January 14, 2005

Corrie, the Conspiratorial caterpillar

*adapted from The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
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Corrie, a young caterpillar, gained attention from her fellow catterpillars when she learnt how to make designs on every leaf she eats. She can make designs, like flower, star, heart and so on, by just nibbling the leaves. When she started showing off the leaves she nibbled with designs she made, the caterpillars adored her.

One day in the light of the moon, a new caterpillar was hatched in the nearby garden. This caterpillar named Laci, later learnt how to nibble leaves and make designs better than Corrie. Soon, she gained friends who happened to be Corrie's old friends.

Filled with envy, Corrie formulated a scheme. She decided to conspire with her ant friends.

On Monday, Corrie the conspiratorial caterpillar asked her ant friends to place sweets on Laci's garden to attract the red ants.

On Tuesday, the red ants smelled the sweets and went to Laci's garden.

On Wednesday, the caterpillars heard Laci shouting to the red ants to get out. They then crawled to Corrie's garden.

On Thursday, the red ants managed to make the other caterpillars fell ill by biting them.

On Friday, Corrie declared that Laci was the root cause of the red ants' migration to their garden.

On Saturday,Corrie spent her time designing a scheme how to attack Laci. While she was kept busy by her scheming, the rest of the caterpillars including Laci started to make a cocoon for their hibernation.

The next Sunday, the caterpillars nibbled their cocoons and became beautiful butterflies, Laci the fairest of them all.On the other hand, Corrie forgot to build a cocoon and she died a caterpillar, never ever fulfilled her dream of becoming a butterfly.


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