Thursday, January 20, 2005

Hilbert Hippo and Eddy Elephant

*original story
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Hilbert Hippo is a happy hippo. He smiles all the times and of course a hippo smile is very big and wide.

Eddy Elephant, however, is very sad today. He has lost his best log, the one he likes to sit on, and juggle, and swing from side to side.

Hilbert goes down to the pond to drink. He wades out into the water and sits while beaming in the cool water.

Then Eddy goes down to the water too. He sits at the edge of the pool and big teardrops roll down his face.

"What is the matter?' asks Hilbert. "I do not take to see anyone looking so very sad."

"I have lost my log" says Eddy.

"There are lots of logs around here" says Hilbert.

"I know, but they are not the same" says Eddy.

"My log has lovely bobbly bits that make it easy to hold and a soft horny spot that is lovely to touch" Eddy sighs deeply.

"Hmmm" says Hilbert. "Actually I think I might be sitting on it. There is something underneath me that is very soft and mossy."

Hilbert stands up and out bobs Eddy Elephant's log.

It float gently across the water to him. Eddy is so thrilled. He squeaks with delight.

"Good. Now you can smile again" says Hilbert.

Eddy Elephant cuddles his log in his trunk with a smile that, if anything, is even wider than Hilbert Hippo's.


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