Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Penny Parrot

Penny Parrot *an original story by Luchie
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Penny Parrot was feeling a little low, a little lonely. She had no urge to fly and sing and just stayed on the branch of the tree in her home in the tropical forest.

At chorus practice time with her fellow parrots that are all her cousins, she just dragged herself along. When everyone else sang, “Mummy Daddy I love you”, she squeaked “pa, pa, pa.”

“Stop that!” Everyone shouted. “Why can’t you sing Mummy Daddy like the rest of us?”

“Nobody likes me,” said Penny.

“Everybody hates me.”

When it was snack time everybody else cracked open nuts and seeds using their strong short beaks. Penny couldn’t be bothered. She wasn’t hungry, she couldn’t crack open any nuts around, she didn’t care. She flew over another tree away from her cousins and friends and sang sad songs.

Powerful and sharp claws appeared in the sky up above the tree. It was the Fierce Freddy Falcon.

When penny parrot saw Fierce Freddy Falcon, she flew away fast.

“Nobody likes me,” said Fierce Freddy Falcon. “Everybody hates me.”

Penny flew to the other end of the forest. On a branch of a young tree, she saw Whoophi Woodpecker pecking a hole to find insects to eat.

“Go ahead!” said the woodpecker. “Laugh at me if I can’t find insects here. I don’t care!”

“Everything’s so utterly rotten,” Whoophi added.

“I’ve been feeling a little low too.” said Penny.

“Everything’s seem to be closing on me,” said Whoophi. “I can’t peck holes real big, as if I have no strong sharp beak at all.”

Feeling sadder because of Whoopi’s tales, she decided to be alone and flew to the farthest end of the forest where brightly coloured flowering plants abound. She landed on a short tree nearby.

She stuck her head to a tiny branch of the tree and saw a pupa moving and a tiny voice came from it. “I can scarcely breath I feel as if I’m going to jump out of my skin,”

“I feel a little lonely,” said Penny.

She was looking away from the pupa when she said that. When she looked back there was her empty skin split right down and back and Betty Butterfly was out of it.

She looked altogether different. She waved her colourful wings, flew among the flowers and chirped merrily.

“How did she do that?” said Penny. “I wonder if I can do it.”

“Oh Penny Parrot, there’s no need for you to change your feathers. Your wings are so lovely and colourful.”

With joy hearing Betty Butterfly’s compliment, Penny sang, “Mummy Daddy I love you”.

“Is it a happy song or a sad song? “ said Betty Butterfly.

“Sad,” said Penny.

“That’s funny,” said Betty Butterfly. "The sound looks happy.”

Penny went back home to the tropical forest. She noticed that she could fly and sing with ease. She thought of Betty Butterfly and she began to laugh. She was laughing and singing, laughing and singing all the way home.

When she got home her Mother said, “You look as if you’ve been having a good day.”

“Actually, it hasn’t been bad,” said Penny Parrot, “Not bad at all.”


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