Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm Prettier Than You!

Sorry girls my story is late for your birthday. I am quite busy with my centre's newsletter/magazine. Anyhow, here it is. HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY again!!!
*an original story by Luchie

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Kyllenne and Darrielle are twins. Their mother, Mommy krizelle, always dress them up with similar clothes that people around mistake one from another. Most of the time, people comment on who is prettier among the two of them.

One day Mommy Krizelle buys a stand mirror which she places inside the twin's bedroom.

"Girls, this mirror is for both of you," Mommy Krizelle says. "As you are two years old now, you must learn how to dress by yourselves. And this mirror will tell you how you look."

"Today, we will attend Balerie's birthday party," Mommy Krizelle announces. "Prepare yourselves and dress up nicely."

The girls open their closet with excitement. They select the clothings they like best and dress themselves up. As they stand side by side infront of the big and tall mirror, they beam with pride.

"I'm prettier than you," says Kyllenne.

"No, I'm prettier than you," says Darrielle. "Look at my pretty pink socks. It got nice pink lace. Your blue socks is fit for a boy."

"No, I'm prettier than you," says Kyllenne. "Do you notice my matching blue blouse? It suits me well."

"No, I'm prettier than you," says Darrielle. "My pink dress has pink buttons that will make people notice me."

"No, I'm prettier than you," says Kyllenne. "Just look at my blue hair clips. It has flower design."

"No, I'm prettier than you," says Darrielle. "My pink hairband matches my pink dress."

"I'm the prettiest," says Kyllenne. "My white hat with blue ribbon makes me stand out."

"I'm the prettiest," says Darrielle. "My white hat with pink flowers makes me a real girl."

After a while, Mommy Krizelle calls out. "Be ready girls. We are going now."

The girls come forward with big smiles on their faces. Seeing them so pretty, Mommy Krizelle cries aloud with joy. "Oh my God! You are both very pretty!"

"We are both pretty," says Kyllenne.

"We are both pretty," says Darrielle.

"With those sweet smiles on your faces, you are the prettiest twin in the whole wide world," Mommy Krizelle says proudly. She hugs the twins with much love. "Always remember that the smile that radiates from ones face is the one that makes a person pretty."

"We are the prettiest twin in the whole wide world!!!," Kyllene and Darrielle shout with glee.


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